Funeral : Hazel Jean Mottram: 8th May

While talking with the family, I discovered that Hazel has always been a local girl: born in Desford and living locally all her life. Hazel was married to husband Les for 53 years, having originally met at Newbold club, where I am told she was dancing “the Twist”. She was someone who enjoyed life, but not in any extravagant way. She was happy with the simple pleasures of life. The pleasure of going to her sisters on a Sunday for a cup of tea, of holidays in Scarborough and Paignton, of trips to the theatre while away on holiday and of being with her family. She enjoyed trips to places like Wolverhampton races and the famous trip to the zoo, when she was followed around by a peacock. She was someone who didn’t like to be inactive and enjoyed supervising Les whilst he did the garden.

I am told she was a kind hearted and generous person, especially borne out in her work as a dinner lady in the locally academy, when she was generous with the portions she gave out.

The thing that came through to me while meeting the family in everything I heard, is the very deep love that everybody had for Hazel, and that she had for all those around her.

Rev’d Rob Marsh


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Funeral : Clarence Petcher4th May

Clal to some in the family and Petch to others at work, died suddenly on April 12th at the age of 88. Despite some health issues he had continued active and out of doors and was a familiar figure in Manor Road, walking Tula the dog and catching up with passers-by.

He was married in St Martin’s Church in March 1954 and had just marked 63 years of marriage to Nora, his beloved wife. He spent 35 years working at Desford Tubes, where he was known for his easy going, warm hearted and generous nature.

He was most at home in the out of doors, setting vegetables in the garden, harvesting the produce and he enjoyed giving the best of it away. Sloes and blackberries were gathered for sloe gin and blackberry brandy. He enjoyed all living things, and was once adopted by a very trusting wood pigeon, that settled on his head and so journeyed home with him … this unexpected lodger then took some dislodging as it was encouraged – at first unsuccessfully – to move on!

He had a love both of history and of holidays, and was able to combine the two with trips to the battleground sites of France. Other holidays were taken on the East Coast in a caravan, with his family and also with his daughter in law’s family from Bradford.

His love of the horses led to him organising annual trips to the races around the country for 20 years for a group of family and friends.

A good number of people joined his wife Nora, brothers Derek and Harold, sons Paul and Les, with Tula the dog at St Martin’s church to remember him and entrust him to God – and at the point of the Commendation, having been silent throughout, Tula gave two quick barks with a perfect sense of timing, marking her own farewell.

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