Tom Writes..

Rob Writes...May 2019

Well Easter has been and gone, possibly forgotten about by the children now that the chocolate eggs have disappeared. So what is next? In the Church our next major festival is the celebration of Pentecost at the beginning of June. But as we journey towards it, we will be taking part in something called “Thy Kingdom Come”.

This is a prayer initiative based on the line from the Lords’ Prayer and seeking us to pray in additional ways during the twelve days between 30th May and Pentecost on June 9th.Rev. Rob Marsh

This is not something new and not just happening here in the parish. In 2016 over 100,000 people signed up to take part and to pray for five friends to come and know Jesus, and to pray for the community around their Churches. In 2017 over 500,000 people from 85 countries signed up to do the same. In 2018 over 114 countries and people from 65 different denominations took part. How many will it be in 2019 I wonder? Would you like to take part? Would you like to know more? If you have internet access then please visit to find out more, to sign up as an individual prayer person and to see the resources available.

As a Church, we have in the past organised prayer walks around the village, praying for community areas such as the library, for the schools, the shops and the Churches.

You might challenge me and ask, “Does prayer change anything?” I can only reply “Yes.” We are taught in the Bible to pray without ceasing, that we need to be persistent in our prayers and that our prayers can be done both in the quiet of our rooms or with others.

The Bible also tells us that prayer is not an optional extra. When Jesus’ closest followers asked to be taught how to pray, he doesn’t give them any choice. He doesn’t say, “If you feel like doing it.”  He gives a direct command. In Luke 11 we read, He said to them, "When you pray,” not  if, or perhaps, but WHEN.

Join with us as we pray for the ten days leading up to Pentecost.