Tom Writes..

April 2017

Tom writes...Rev. Tom Ringland

Dear Everyone,Dear everyone,
As I write it is a glorious March morning and thoughts are easily turned to Easter and themes of light, warmth and life. Spring flowers are growing fast, there’s blossom in the hedgerows and buds on the trees.
On Easter Day, the stark rough wooden cross in St Martin’s churchyard will be decorated with the bright yellow of daffodils – a symbol of life restored: the empty cross was matched by the tomb of Jesus also found to be empty on that resurrection morning – the Roman guards who reported this were subsequently paid off by the authorities and told to admit they had been outwitted by the thieving disciples! (See the account in Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 28, verses 11-15).
Our Easter message is all about new life, new growth and the burgeoning of hope and faith in us! We may feel that our faith in God is a small and a fragile thing – we may feel it hasn’t much promise. But anything can grow and develop if it is nurtured and encouraged. The small seeds and bulbs hidden in the soggy ground of this spring defy all expectation as they push up to reveal something beautiful, which bless the eye of the beholder!
Jesus told the story of the mustard seed – the smallest of all seeds, he said, which, putting down a good root system can grow large enough to provide shelter for nesting birds (Matthew 13:31-33). He told this story to illustrate the growth of the kingdom of God – this kingdom grows in hearts that are open to Him as we come to be ‘subject to his just and gentle rule’.
Faith, be it as small as a mustard seed, is able to grow in this way, and come to be significant – even life changing!
So let the images of spring growth speak to you about spiritual growth in your life and the life of your family this Easter – and what will you do to nurture and encourage your faith so that it is strengthened and developed to enrich your life, and the lives of those around you?
Come and join some of the Easter activities in the village churches – and celebrate the new life revealed in the rising of Jesus from the grave!!