Ministry Letter

Gareth writes... (March 2021)

Gareth writes
How are you doing?
It feels like a very pertinent question for many of us this year. The past 12 months have been a year like no other in our recent history, with Covid-19 dominating the headlines, but many other things happening too. It makes this a very good question to be asking at this moment… ‘how are you doing’?
We’re in Lent now. This is typically a time when we ask this sort of question, it’s a period of reflection, of self-examination. A time to pause and consider our wellbeing before God. A bit like a personal MOT. Those who drive will know that if you run your car
without ever checking it, with out carrying out maintenance, eventually it will break down, which can result in disaster. People are a bit like this too. When we’re younger we often feel relatively invincible, but this is not the case. Indeed, recent studies have shown rising levels of health and mental health issues in young people today. As we get older, we perhaps become a bit more aware of our aches and pains, but our temptation is still to push on regardless. I’m a great one for putting off going to the doctors. I don’t fear the doctors themselves; I’d just much rather assume I’m ok and sort of hope for the best. But this can be a bit foolhardy.
Going back to cars, it tends to be a good idea to sometimes get your wheels aligned on the car. This is because as we drive around in our normal day today, and occasionally hit potholes or maybe clip curbs, the wheels gradually become slightly out of line. We’re not talking about major accidents here, more so just the normal things that happen to us all in the day-to-day business of driving. The problem comes when over a period of time these small knocks sort of add up and the wheels become so out of line that the tyres wear unevenly, which at the least shorten their life but potentially even becoming dangerous to the driver.
Likewise, through life we certainly can pick up large knocks, but also each and every day little things happen that affect us. Potentially over a period of time leading to unforeseen impacts. As we said at the start, this past year has been difficult in many ways. I would encourage you this Lent, now, to spend some time reflecting, honestly asking yourself ‘how am I doing?’ How am I doing emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, relationally, mentally? Bring God into this conversation, because ultimately the Bible tells us again and again that God cares deeply about us, that Jesus came to help those who are suffering. And so, as you ask this question, perhaps ask God to help you answer that same question… ‘Lord, how am I’?
Rev. Gareth Hutchinson