Weekly Service Times & Readings

1st, 3rd & 5th SUNDAY: 10.30am HOLY COMMUNION,
2nd & 4th Sunday 8am HOLY COMMUNION (B.C.P.)
2nd Sunday 10.30am FAMILY SERVICE.
(We are changing the “family service” on the second Sunday to all ages for 45 mins)
4th Sunday 10.30am ENCOUNTER & 4pm MESSY CHURCH and also Awesome Youff
(Messy Church meets in the Church Centre)

Service Times & Readings

10/07/22 Mark 4:35-41

Ray Harwood Peter Ward Ray Harwood Book: 'The storm that stopped' All Age 4pm

17/07/22 Galatians 4:1-31

Carl Gaskell Ray Harwood Maggie Gaskell Maggie Gaskell Galatians: Freedom & Faithfulness HC 10.30am

24/07/22 Galatians 5:1-26

Tony Stokes Rob Wade Nev Hammonds Galatians: Freedom & Faithfulness SOTW 4pm

31/07/22 5th Sunday Joint Benifice at St Bart's:

Carolyn to lead and preach

07/08/22 Deuteronomy 4:15-31

Mary Collins Tony Humphries Nev Hammonds Ian Marriott Deuteronmy: living in the promised land HC 10.30am

14/08/22 John 4:46-54

David Williams Jane Harwood Mark Cotton Book: 'the one o'clock miracle' Outdoor All Age 4pm

21/08/22 Deuteronomy 5:1- 21

Ann Whalley Heather Williams Stephanie Adcock Kay Smith Deuteronmy: living in the promised land HC 10.30am

28/08/22 Deuteronomy 6:1- 9

Florence Dangare Cally Wade Nev Hammonds Deuteronmy: living in the promised land SOTW 4pm

04/09/22 Deuteronomy 10:12-22

Jane Marriott Liz Lindsay Mick Walker Mick Walker Deuteronmy: living in the promised land HC 10.30am

11/09/22 Acts 16:16-40

Ray Harwood Sue Hutty Ray Harwood Book: 'the prisoners, the earthquake…' All Age 4pm HC 10.30am

18/09/22 Deuteronomy 15:1-11

Pat Crane Peter Ward Mark Cotton Mark Cotton Deuteronmy: living in the promised land HC 10.30am


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Coffee/Tea is served after the 10.30am service to which everyone is invited to stay.
Help with the rota is welcome and offers may be made to 823537

encounter group

Encounter services – What are they?




.............and coffee....lots of coffee..

4th Sundays at St. Martin's Church Desford are a bit different:

We spend plenty of time singing songs of praise, led by the band, the worship is extremely relaxed
and informal, witha mix of contemporary and traditional songs.

We also place great importance on understanding the Word, so we have very short bursts of
applied teaching. With regular use of videos and illustrations, these services are vary varied and engaging.
There is also plenty of space for us to pray for ourselves, our community, our nation and our world.

Children are very welcome at Encounter services and our open-plan area means that there is
plenty of space for pushchairs. All of the song words and any visuals are
presented on the Church's large screens, leaving your hands free.
There is also a very friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

Whether you are a church regular or a newcomer, just come as you are.